Acoustic guitarist, Rick Cyge, has been doing what he loves for 40 years – first in New England where he cut his teeth in the vibrant New England folk music scene and more recently (since 1988) in Arizona performing with his wife and partner, flutist Lynn Trombetta as the group ‘Meadowlark’. Cyge performs on acoustic steel string guitar as well as nylon string guitar and mandolin. Over the years he has blended influences as diverse as contemporary folk and pop, Celtic, Country Blues, New Age and World Music into a signature sound that is uniquely his own. Many of his own compositions are fingerstyle pieces in various open tunings.

Recently, while continuing to perform as Meadowlark, Rick has returned to his ‘folk and acoustic music roots’ by performing solo – this time predominantly as an instrumentalist.

He is equally at home performing to large audiences in a concert setting, where he weaves humor and stories about the music into his presentation, and small venues like clubs and coffeehouses where the intimacy of the setting allows him to connect with his listeners on an even more personal level.

His arrangements of ‘Baby Boomer Classics’ like the Beatles, James Taylor, Motown and Simon and Garfunkel capture the spirit of the original pieces in fresh interpretations for solo guitar.

He often uses a phrase sampler and pre-recorded tracks of his own playing to provide a fuller, layered sound to many of his arrangements.

In addition to Rick Cyge’s solo “Guitartistry”, Cyge is also available in duos with acoustic guitar, violin & mandolin, or flute.  To learn more about his various ensembles, visit

Rick Cyge – Sedona ARTSource Volume III (2)