A great site for matching teachers & students locally & online, TakeLessons.com!

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in teaching

RC-facebookjI recently discovered a wonderful internet resource for both teachers and potential students to find one another.  The web site, TakeLessons.com, is by no means a new web site.. they’ve been online since 2006!  I stumbled upon them as I was looking for a new way to connect with potential students not only in my local community, but online as well, taking advantage of video conferencing tools such as Skype.  It’s really quite a valuable tool!  Teachers create a page about themselves, (mine is http://takelessons.com/profile/rick-c12), and individuals looking to learn about a subject, ie acoustic guitar, can search the database on the site by any number of fields, including ZIP code, keywords, prices, etc.  TakeLessons handles all the arrangements and connects students and teachers.  Pretty slick!  AND, it costs nothing for the students to use!  I’m putting the finishing touches on my TakeLessons page.  I’m also exploring and designing methods for myself to effectively use the video conferencing tool as a new (to me) teaching option.



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