May 19, 2020

I finally took the leap and produced my very first live stream concert on facebook! I had no expectations and didn’t know what to expect. I figured maybe a dozen or so loyal fans might catch it live. Boy, was I wrong! This inaugural outing far exceeded my expectations in terms of turnout and response! There’s no way I could have pulled it off without the patient support and hard work of my cameraperson and co-producer, Lynn Trombetta who happens to be my wife and partner in crime!

It appears I had in excess of 1000 viewers taking in some part of the concert and as many as 70 or more who stayed “tuned in” for the whole hour plus event! Heartwarming and enthusiastic comments rolled in throughout the event that overwhelmed us beyond words. And generosity of spirit (and wallet) abounded.

I deliberated quite a bit over what music to feature in this concert. I have the dilemma of having created music in a variety of styles and genres over the years of my music career and have earned an audience for each of these genres at different points along the journey. Who will be listening and what will they want to hear/see? I had no idea. So I created a patchwork of many of the varied styles into a single hour long set. The styles encompassed everything from country blues songs to folk ballads. Celtic fingerstyle guitar instrumentals to originals.

It all seems to have been embraced by my warm and supportive audience. Lynn and I were stunned and moved by the whole experience. Thanks to all of you, old friends, new fans, and first timers who helped make this adventure a treat for us! We are now excited about doing more of these events, perhaps weekly for a while or as long as there is interest. We’re talking about doing a night of Meadowlark (original music inspired by nature by my wife, flautist Lynn Trombetta and myself) and even a Celtic night.

So… see you again soon! If you missed it, click on the video above to see the entire concert (or whatever part you wish). Thanks and please stay safe and well!