"Prairie Serenade" is a piece I wrote inspired by the rugged and beautiful terrain of Sedona and northern Arizona. It was originally composed as an acoustic guitar duet. I expanded the arrangement for my ensemble Meadowlark's FreeFall CD, released in 2000 featuring, in addition to the two guitar parts, flute, soprano sax, fretless bass, drums and percussion.

 I recently rediscovered this gem while listening to that recording and was compelled to rearrange the piece as a shorter version stripped back to the original two guitars alone.

 The result is a lovely duet with all the subtlety of the relationship between the two parts. I recorded and released this new version earlier this month, April 2020. Then I produced a video, shot by my wife, Lynn Trombetta in the dramatic setting of the red rock cliffs of Sedona.


The music is available for download and streaming on all the popular platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Bandcamp. The video is on my YouTube channel.



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